Introducing a concept of global proportions. It looks as good as it tastes. A world class selection. A world of opportunity. Look out, world. Here we come. Today Century City. Tomorrow the world. Link up with us.


World Links is a fast food concept for a world that’s changing fast.

It all starts with an international array of sausages.
Everything from a Tuscan Link made with sundried tomatoes
to a Texas BBQ Link made with fire-roasted sweet red peppers.

These are healthier gourmet links. Many of which are chicken and turkey.
All of which are absolutely delicious.

Each juicy World Link comes on a hearty roll. But instead of the usual
mustard or relish, you get condiments from around the world.
For instance, our curry-flavored Indian Link is served with mango
chutney and yogurt/cucumber raita while our Cajun Link is topped
with authentic New Orleans-style muffelatta relish.

But enough talk, we cordially invite you to eat your way
around the world.

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