World Links has been designed to provide substantial menu variety in small footprint, high traffic locations. The core menu of Links, Drinks and Fries is well suited for the large and expanding market of non-traditional locations, the most explosive area of the fast food segment.

World Links has several attractive characteristics:

A unique menu of gourmet sausages and hot dogs.
The interest and fun of international flavors and menu items.
Unique trade dress, graphics and merchandising.
Appeal across a broad age group.
Competitive menu pricing.
Attractive unit economics.
Simple operating systems.
Ability to operate in a wide array of locations.
A series of menu modules to fit the characteristics of each location.
No need for hood systems and venting.
Ability to work in mobile and cart applications.
Low initial capital requirements.

World Links has entered into franchising agreements with two preeminent concessionaires: CA One Services, Inc. and Host Marriott Services Corporation. World Links is interested in linking up with domestic and international foodservice operators to expand through multi-unit and area development agreements.

Franchise Fee $15,000 per unit
Royalty Fee 5% of Sales
Advertising & Marketing Fee 2% of Sales (after World Links opens its 100th unit)
Campaign to End World Hunger 1% of Net Profits contributed to your local food bank

So, what in the world are you waiting for. Franchise@World-Links.com

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